Albie on His Way

Albie on His Way is the story of a mouse named Albie who is called to the king to deliver an important message to another king because his king had heard how fast Albie was. Albie begins his journey excitedly, but it isn’t long before he meets the first of many people along the way. He stops at each person he meets and helps them with whatever they need help with; because of this, it takes him longer on his trip. Albie sees a castle and excitedly thinks he has reached the castle he needs, but he finds that he has made his way back to his own castle and king! Will he get in trouble? Will his trip be worthless?

I thought that Albie on His Way was a story that was “okay” and not great; the reason being that there isn’t much of a story to it. I like that he helped everyone he met, but I found the pictures at the bottom of each page kind of confusing. The ending seemed like it stopped right away but I liked that it was a happy ending.