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Kissing Asphalt by Delicia Niami

Book Summary: Resilience isn’t inherited. It’s a hard-fought skill forged by our ability to pick up the broken pieces of our past and remake them into something new. Meet four-year-old Delicia, a poor but carefree child who is about to have her world shattered. Along with her seven-year-old brother Nile, she is kidnapped from her

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Creative Together by Steven Kowalski

Creative Together by Steven Kowalski is a book that celebrates the diversity of creative expression. Through his inclusive and empowering approach, Kowalski encourages readers to embrace their unique perspectives and find their own voice in the world of art. Book Summary To innovate, we need to get creative. Together. In our era of rapid change

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Epicedium – 50 experimental poetic journeys through awakening, alchemy and other worlds by Helene Alexandra Jæger

Book Summary: Exploring the realms of death and dreaming, the occult, the unconscious and the soul, Epicedium is a stream of consciousness collection of 50 works. Told as a four-part story of transformation, Epicedium is a stream of consciousness exploration of spiritual awakening, passion, loss, and journeys in consciousness. Throughout, the protagonist’s experiences show a

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