A House With Good Bones

Sam’s mom has A House with Good Bones. It also has a beautiful rose garden and possibly a ghost. Vultures are watching the house and clearly her mom is on edge. But the house is in the suburbs, not some creepy Gothic mansion. Ghosts don’t live in the suburbs, do they? Even with her scientific mind, Sam might need to come to terms with things beyond explanation if she is going to help her mom and get out of town alive.

I absolutely loved Sam. Her personality made me wish she was real so we could be friends. Her approach to the whole situation was exactly how I expect I would react if I were in this story. While this story is funny and witty, there are definitely some creepy moments. I don’t know if I will ever look at ladybugs the same way. If you enjoy Gothic horror stories, but also enjoy sarcasm and wit, I highly recommend you read this. More creepy than downright scary, but still worthy of the horror genre. I thoroughly enjoyed it.