Blood Debts (Blood Debts, 1)

In New Orleans, an anti-magic city, twins Chris and Clem are stuck caring for their ill mother in a place that despises who they are. The twins are the heirs to a fractured magical family, but they both hold opposite views on magic. Chris has sworn off magic after she cast the spell that led to her father’s death, while Clem uses magic as a way to set him free. When they discover a hex doll has been making their mother ill, the twins leap into action. Someone is targeting their family, and they may be next. As Chris and Clem grapple with family bonds and the impending threat, they must find it and extinguish it before the attacker deals the killing blow.

This was a unique book that highlights people of color and the complicated nature of family. I enjoyed the drama of this book, as family relationships were explored in all their messy glory. The magic system was cool as well, as it is rooted in African American stories. Although I think the characters could have been fleshed out more effectively, I think this book would appeal to anyone who loves complicated family dramas and dark magic.