Drawing with Squiggles & Wiggles: Create 100+ Cartoons with Fun Shapes! (Drawing With Christopher Hart)

A lot of young people would love to be able to draw, but they are intimidated by the idea of it. They are afraid it is too hard and takes a very special talent and that others might laugh at their efforts. But Christopher Hart has put together a wonderful book that should go a long way toward dispelling those fears. There are a lot of drawing-made-easy kinds of books out there that don’t really make anything easy, but this one truly does. As one pages through this book, one will find drawing cartoon characters broken down into very simple steps that really anyone can do. Each spread has one art idea with eight or nine steps from a simple squiggle to a finished piece of art. There are a few spreads that have two art ideas that require fewer steps. Each art idea has a title and a short paragraph explaining what the art idea is and what makes it an interesting idea. There are big hints showcased on many pages. Following these simple steps will quickly build confidence in young artists and give them a foundation for creating more complex art projects.