The Game is a Footnote (A Sherlock Holmes Bookshop Mystery)

Gemma isn’t a stranger to investigating mysteries but this is her first time investigating a potentially haunted house. Scarlet House has a long history and when it’s suspected of being haunted, Gemma is called upon to see for herself if it’s true. With the help of her friend Jayne, she sets out to eliminate the possibility of ghosts and prove there’s a logical explanation. The task proves more difficult than she thought when a mysterious break-in and the discovery of a dead body lead to only one conclusion – something sinister is afoot at Scarlet House.

Delany delivers a charming and delightful plot that is reminiscent of a classic mystery with elements of a whodunit and a locked room mystery. The Scarlet House feels straight out of a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple mystery as it creates a setting ideal for murder, suspense, hauntings, and secrets. The history behind the house gives the story a rich background that incorporates eeriness into the tone. The plot never shies away from having fun, such as Gemma and Jayne’s pajama party at the house taking a ghostly turn and opening up to a greater mystery than either expected. The Game is a Footnote is a love letter to classic mysteries with suspense, sleuthing, and humor.