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The WRN? Pledge

We, the fabulous girls of Whatcha' Reading Now?, promise to bring you books for kids and teens that will make you think, cry, laugh out loud, or keep you at the edge of your seat.

We love books that will make you think about the world in a new perspective and books that you won’t forget long after you’ve turned the last page.

We promise to read with passion, diligence, and open-mindedness to bring you reviews of books we love.

Happy Reading!

WRN?’s Review Policy - only books we love to recommend Purple WRN Logo

Every published book has tons of people who love it.  The author, for sure.  Their family and friends, we hope. An agent.  The editor.  Readers.  There’s so much work and time that goes into the whole thing. 

We know this because we’re writers too.

So, we decided to focus on reviewing ONLY books that we love and would urge you to read.  We want WRN? To be the place that you’ll come and say, “Hmm…what else sounds good.?” 

The best thing — each of us, has different tastes in what we read.

  • Jill enjoys all things YA. In particular, Jill loves edgy, gritty protagonists that prove they have a softer side too, stories where happy endings are not a given, and books where the underdog always, always prevails.
  • Kerry is drawn to Middle-Grade Fiction. Especially books with an underdog plot, books that make her think, and any book that can make her laugh out loud.
  • Michelle loves light-hearted or humorous fiction for children and teens and every book with a main character that feels totally real.

So, you might find one of us that’s in sync with your favs!  If not, you can always find ideas for your next read on our wall over at Facebook, because the members of WRN? love to share what they’ve read!

If you don’t see a book reviewed, it doesn’t mean we didn’t like it.  It might mean we didn’t read it.  Or that the pile of awesome books to read is simply too large to get through. Or we might have read it, but ran out of time to review it!  Whew!  But, you can be sure that if we do review a book, at least one of us loved it! 

Other junk you should know about us Purple WRN Logo

Contests:  We love to give away books and share the love!  So authors, agents, editors and publicists, if we’ll be featuring a book, we hope you’ll help us out. And vice versa—if you think you have a book that we’ll love, let us know about it by emailing:  contests@whatchareadingnow.com

Interviews:  We love to talk to authors and include interviews with them in the

e-zine, but we have to read their books first!  If you’re an author or you know an author or you’d just like to see us interview an author, please contact us at:  interviews@whatchareadingnow.com

Reviews:  If you would like us to review an ARC or if you would like to submit a review for Amazon or a future issue of the e-zine, please contact us at reviews@whatchareadingnow.com

Anything else:  email us at anything@whatchareadingnow.com